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23rd October 2018

Happy Hog Roast Halloween - Hog‘N’Roast

October is upon us and yes that means Halloween. Costumes, sweets, scary movies, bonfires and most all it is the perfect excuse to whip out those fine china and have a party!

At Hog’N’ Roast when we think of Halloween, we think of delicious food! But not just any food, we think of warm Hog Roast sizzling away, whilst the kids are out trick or treating.

Hog Roast Halloween Party Food Ideas
Now that you are throwing a Halloween Party and you got a Hog Roast sizzling away, you should have enjoyable accompaniments for your ghosts, witches, pirates or who knows what peculiar characters will be walking through your door.

Oven Baked Bread Rolls

There is nothing better than a golden crispy and soft in the inside bread roll to serve with your Hog Roast. You can go one step further and bake pumpkin shaped bread rolls to be the ultimate dedicated Halloween host. Simply add pumpkin to your favourite bread recipe and when forming the roll use a knife to cut 8 segments on the edge of the dough, leaving the center uncut, poke the middle with your thumb and this will give you the pumpkin shape you need.We find this menu extremely popular for halloween catering.

Vampire Hot Sauce

Make your own Vampire hot sauce to accompany your Halloween Hog Roast. Use Cayenne peppers and range of other red-hot peppers to give it a bright red color, capturing and hopefully not grossing out your guest to really give them the “Vampire blood” illusion.

Blood Red Sangria

What is a Halloween party without a punch that looks undrinkable, yet when you finally have the guts to try it, it’s lifechanging! Wine is an excellent accompaniment for a Hog Roast, why not spice it up in a Sangria form and add frozen grape “eye balls” to surprise your guests.

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What ever you decide to do, Hog N Roast hope you have a great Halloween !

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