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12th September 2018

Looking for catering options? Considered a Hog Roast? - Hog‘N’Roast

We make food at parties cost affective and forever memorable


Are you in thinking about what to serve to your guests at your wedding, retirement party, festival, соrроrаtе funсtіоn or fауrе? Are you having trouble finding the perfect balance between affordable, tasty, efficient and fun?


We will make it really easy for you: HOG’N’ROAST! The Rock’n’roll of food!


Making things easy for you is actually our main priority and main job. If you do need to have kіtсhеn fасіlіtіеѕ! We will bring our own! We are totally self sufficient!


You know you want your food to be fun and memorable, tasty and delicious at the same time. Actually, in the past, hog roast has turned out to be very popular amongst all our guests and can provide different food especially for the children.


Why is that? Because people always remember something they do not see or eat often! Our hog roast is not something you can buy at the fast food restaurant or eat for Sunday lunch.


That’s why for your really special day you should have really special food. Your quests will definitely remember the hog roast at your party for a long time, and for a good reason.


Hog roasts are not only delicious and unusual but extremely healthy. Extra fat and oil aren’t required to prepare hog roasts. We know that for your loved ones you want the best. We do too.


For an even better experience, you will be happy to hear that we make the food right on the spot. Our kitchen is mobile and our chefs are highly experienced, and we believe the food should be traveling just from our kitchen to your plate, not waiting in pots for hours on top of hours. We cook for you to provide the ultimate delight and to creation of the perfect pleasure and experience.


Now the cost efficient part…with us, all the burden is off your back. The usual process with other catering businesses is usually to charge you per person, but that can quickly turn into a headache because you never know the exact number, so you can end up with not enough food. Hog’n’Roast quotes for the event rather than per/person, and for larger numbers of guests this can be extremely cost effective!


Now…is it all just about meat? The answer is, of course, no! We also offer salads, potatoes, sauces, stuffings and vegetarian options, gluten free options and just about any dietary options you require…Hog’n’Roast will take care of it all so all of your friends and loved ones can enjoy and leave happy and full!


Your special day should be enjoyment and fun, not stress and headache. So, we will take care of everything there is to take care of when it comes to proving the catering at your event, allowing you to concentrate on the other areas of your planning!

You can find more about our available menus on our website .We hope to be the part of your special day. Contact us for you hog roast quote.

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