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2nd October 2018

Planning Your Perfect Hog Roast Event - Hog‘N’Roast

One thing that is absolutely guaranteed, hosting your hog roast event is going to take more effort than your average barbecue. It’s an event; something that will be remembered for years to come. The thought of sourcing equipment and skewering a pig, let alone the possible lack of knowledge in cooking a full hog is pretty daunting! Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here’s how to make your hog roast a doddle.

Pick a date

So step number one. Pick the date and invite the people. More notice you can give to people the better. The hog roast will feed a lot of people so you want as many as possible to make your event. A lot of notice normally guarantees over %90 turn out.

Find a supplier

With thousands of different ways to roast a pig, with some ways a lot more difficult than the others! We suggest finding a caterer who can look after everything for you. Hog N Roast is one such operation. This particualr hog roast company not only hires the hog roast ovens but will prepare the hog for you too. “We give our customers the whole hog, well actually everything but a sharp knife,” says operator Darren Greenwood. The hire page can be found at

You just get in touch with them through the website with a simple booking procedure you will soon have your hog roast booked in. On delivery They will give you clear instructions and a demonstration of how to use the hog roast oven. They will leave you with a meat thermometer, heat gloves and a 24 hour contact number just incase! When the hog roast is finished the company will collect the oven on a suitable time and day.

R&R (roast and relax)

The beauty of services like Hog N Roast is that once you fire up the hog roast oven, you can relax. The fully enclosed unit works like an oven, cooking a 110-pound/50kg pig in around 8 hours. From the hog you will comfortably feed over 120 guests. You will not need to keep stoking the fire, maintaining the rotisserie, or problem-solving on the fly. You can sit back, crack a cold one and make sure your guests are well looked after in the other departments.


Preparing and cooking the hog this way ensures the pig’s skin isn’t punctured, therefore the meat can retain it’s natural juices, which makes it incredibly juicy. Carving and basting the hog is actually very therapeutic as well as rewarding when you start to hear the mmm’s and ahhs from your satisfied guests! Once your guests are served you’ll be able to tuck into a plate of pork unlike any you’ve ever had before. Job well done!

Clean up

After hosting the best culinary event of your life, the clean up is the true miracle of a company like Hog N Roasts: there isn’t any. Hog N Roast will collect and clean on their premises!

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