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5th November 2018

Should You Cater For Different Diet Preferences On Your Wedding Day?

One of the hardest parts of organising a wedding is finalising the guest list, so most brides and grooms are relieved by the time they send the invitations out. However, they probably don’t expect to deal with any challenges when they receive their RSVPs.

One bride, however, faced a conundrum when a guest replied to the invite, as she put her diet preferences in the space allocated for attendees to write their dietary requests, the Daily Mail reported.

Couples and wedding venues are used to dealing with those who have allergies or food intolerances, health conditions such as Crohn’s, or religious requirements. However, the un-named British woman was confused when she received the reply, as her guest had simply written that she did not want any carbohydrates in the wedding menu.

Not knowing what to do, the wife-to-be took to Mumsnet, saying: “I’m getting married and I’ve just received this through that a guest wants no carbs. Our wedding dinner is practically carbs, especially the cake as desert. Even the buffet is all hot dog, pizza, chips, sausage rolls [sic].”

She asked other Mumsnet followers whether she should ask the caterer to provide a different meal for the attendee or not, and received a mixed response from the public.

Some said it is a “diet request, not a dietary one”, saying the guest can choose what to eat themselves.

A few others suggested adding a bit more variety to the buffet so everyone was catered for.

Feeding a large number of people can be a challenge, which is why professional caterers are experienced in serving up menus that suit a wide range of dietary preferences and requirements.

Something that ticks the boxes for lots of people is a wedding hog roast, which also comes with a selection of salads, sauces and potatoes. Take a look at our delicious menus here.

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