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6th October 2018

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Roasting Meat - Hog‘N’Roast

Roasting meat is an art form that many practice, but few perfect. Whether you are cooking a massive, whole hog roast, or just a simple round roast for a family meal, getting a piece of meat to be tender and juicy takes practice. If your roasts are turning out tough and dry, here are a few reasons your roast may not be as perfect as you’d like.

You used the wrong cut of meat

Even if you cook the roast perfectly, using the wrong cut of meat can result in a tough and chewy meal. A good piece of meat for a roast is one that comes from muscles the animal isn’t using to get around by. Cuts from the rear of the animal are considered working cuts, and aren’t very good for roasting. When choosing a roast, test the meat by giving it a poke with your fingers. If its easy to depress the meat, and it springs back easily, it’s a good cut for roasting. If it is hard to depress, it is a working cut and is better off being braised.


You took the meat directly from the fridge to the oven.

When meat is in the refrigerator, the proteins in it are coiled up very tightly. This results in a firm piece of meat. If you put it directly into the oven from the fridge, those proteins will contract, squeezing out all the delicious juices you want to keep in, and leaving you with a dry hunk of meat. To avoid this, let the meat rest outside the oven for a short while before roasting it.


You didn’t brown the roast

While browning the roast doesn’t make it any juicier, it does present a more intense flavor, and is some of the best parts of a delicious meal. For maximum taste, brown the roast in the same pot you plan to deglaze after braising the roast. You’ll get an added dimension of flavor for your efforts, and a wonderful gravy to go with your roast.


You cut too soon after cooking

Thos coveted juices we strive for in our roast start out in the middle of the meat after you have pulled it from the oven. Without sufficient time for the meat to redistribute itself through the roast, you can end up with some dry pieces and some juicy ones if you cut too early. For the best roast, wait about 20 minutes before cutting.


You used a pan that was too small

One of the best parts of a good roast is that crust we make such an effort to get on the outside. This is one of the reasons hog roasts are so delicious—the dried skin on the outside are a crunchy treat. For smaller meals, browning offers an added dimension of flavor that isn’t to be missed.


Those delicious brown bits won’t ever come if you put the roast in a pan that is too small however. In order for the roast to gain that crust, it needs room for the steam the cooking meat gives off to escape. Never squeeze a roast into a small pan when cooking it, for optimum flavor.


Cooking a roast properly takes skill, and patience. If your roasts aren’t coming out perfectly, make sure these common mistakes are not the reason. While you might not be ready to tackle a hog roast with just these tips, you can certainly cook a good meal for your friends and family.

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